piping hot customised bentos

Examples of our awesome custom order bentos! Above: Nasi Goreng Sambal with Nonya Vegetables, Achar and Chicken Cutlet.

Maggi Goreng with Crab Stick Omelette and Chicken Rendang.

Have you ever wished you could just tell your caterer what you are craving for and they would cook it for you? Well, yes you can! 

Just drop us an email with your desired menu for your bento order and we will work with you to make it a reality! 

We do have a standard Bento menu for ordering on our menu page ya!

For all orders, kindly refer to our menu page. Alternatively, contact us at 6970 0105 or 9435 6917.

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  1. Waty

    Hi, can I make order to be delivered to 4 places this Sunday, 26 April 2020?

    1. sofnade

      Hi there, so sorry for the late response! Could you kindly send all enquiries directly to: sales@sofnade.com
      Thank you!!

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